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Maraxus Mod (Clone)

The Maraxus Telescopic Mod is outstanding in appearance, functionality and design finishes. The Maraxus Mod is very flexible and will adjust to your own personal needs. The tube is telescopic which means it can be made smaller and bigger by taking away or adding other parts. The device can take 18650, 18490, and 18350 batteries and can also be used is conjunction with an electronic output controller IKick. The upper part of the device has adjustable airflow system, which means you can adjust the strength to suit your taste.


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  • Fully mechanical mod
  • Telescopic and collapsible type mod
  • Made of 316 surgical stainless steel and brass body
  • Upper and lower pins are copper made
  • Auto adjustment in the upper pins (to prevent misfire)
  • Soft touch firing button
  • Larger pins to lower the voltage drop
  • 8 well-aligned vent holes for better body insulation
  • Black Derlin insulator
  • 2-toned body for elegant look
  • Parts can be manipulated to achieve desired design
  • 510 threading
  • 6 lower wire-cut spikes and 4 upper spikes for unique appearance and better handling
  • Mirror finished body