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Simple Alternative To Smoking Deadly Tobacco Cigarettes

Of all the things that technology has helped become more sophisticated, is something that most people never thought enough would be possible is the electronic cigarette. The electric cigarette, also known as e-cig, smokeless cigarette, or simply the e-cigarette is a product that enables the satisfaction of smoking "light one up" without the bad side effects. Using a rechargeable battery, the electronic cigarette is based on resistance to vaporize the e-liquid called EA and then becomes a steam. Smokers can inhale the steam, which may contain different strengths of nicotine and different flavours, which at the same time they receive satisfaction that only a cigarette can give. This device is a simple alternative to smoking.

The electric cigarette has been on the market for a while now but not enough people know how amazing this product is, many smokers have enjoyed all these benefits it has over the toxic tobacco cigarettes. Electronic cigarette smoking can save you up to half the amount of more traditional cigarettes when comparing how long each will last. Many tobacco companies are very upset and angry against this great product as when getting double the amount than normal tobacco cigs, think of how much money you will be saving in the process and how much the big rich cigarette companies will lose when you learn the secret of electric cigarettes.

If you are a heavy smoker then by changing to the electronic cigarette will flood you with financial savings. As I changed over to the electronic cigarettes I started to notice right away the savings I was making, I was so shocked at the amount I used to spend on deadly cigarettes I knew right there and then, I would never go back. I started to think about using my saved money and then my day dreaming happened about a holiday fantasy on a sunny beach which before I couldn’t afford but now with these savings, I just can’t say no.

So why are normal Cigarettes bad for you? One reason is that they are full of poison, which goes into your lungs when you breathe. Coughing, dizziness, and burning eyes, nose and throat are the first signs that smoking is really bad for you. Long-term health problems of smoking cigarettes is going to happen to you unless a change is made in your life, I always used to think that it will never happen to me hence now I have heart disease and the next thing I don’t want to have is developing lung cancer. The smoke of cigarettes cause the development of many types of cancer and lung cancer is the biggest type of cancer caused by smoking. The smoker has a higher risk of developing cancer throughout your whole body with so many chemicals being absorbed by the body. So bottom line is that my review of electric cigarette is to tell you why I think you need to change a way from deadly cigs to a healthy and inexpensive nicotine fix.